Photocopy Your Business

As the downturn continues many people have turned to their photocopiers as a cheap form of advertising. As advertising budgets have been cut, business are turning back to traditional advertising with direct mail shots. The copier offers a convenient way to target small area’s of local business and now with most office photocopier machines offering colour, it is fairly straightforward to mock up a professional mail shot in Photoshop and post it to potential customers in your area.

Mail shots used to be hampered by expensive printing cost but computer design and superior printing and copying has relegated the need for screen printing. What’s more mail shots can be more targeted, segmenting local market place to areas such as schools, solicitors and estate agents. The copier can be the marketers friend allowing small campaigns to be launched at minimal cost.

Direct Marketing has long been proven as a successful way to promote your business and is one of the earliest forms of advertising. By publishing newsletters and mail shots directly to the customer the business offers a unique way to stay in touch with local clientele. With so many companies using digital media for advertising competition is high. Online advertising has increased massively in recent years but pay per click and email marketing has no longevity.

By publishing locally through direct marketing you are able to offer vouchers that can be kept and used. A local newsletter may contain a useful list contacts that the customer keeps. A successful newsletter may attract its own advertising and become self funding for the business. Some of the most successful mail shots team up a group of local companies that provide alternative services and the cost of advertising is reduced, whilst the value to the customer increases and with a range of discounts available to them on the mail shot or newsletter that they are not likely not to throw it away.

So next time you look at the photocopier in the office think of it not just as an expense but potentially your own personal printing press. Put your copier to work for you creating exciting business opportunities in your local area.


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